Edson Animal Rescue Society Barn Buddy Adoption Application
These spayed/neutered cats are well-suited to the acreage or farm life! These cats are not suited to living indoors as they will not use a litter box or are feral/semi-feral. To help these Barn Buddies find a home suited for them, we have waived their adoption fees. (Although we do encourage a financial donation to go towards their spay/neuter fees.) All cats will be in good health and have had a brief, general exam by a vet; All cats will be spayed or neutered and tattooed or micro-chipped prior to placement; and All cats will be vaccinated prior to adoption. Applicants must be able to provide food, water and adequate shelter for their Barn Buddy.
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Name of feline, age, sex, markings/color
Name of feline,age, sex, markings/color
Name of feline, age, sex, markings/color
Name of feline, age, sex, markings/color
Name of feline, age, sex, markings/clor
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By signing below, I hereby submit that the information provided by me is true, and that I understand that EARS has the right to deny my application. Breach of any of the above conditions constitutes a violation of the adoption contract and may result in the removal of the adopted animal form the adoptive home. *please note, your electronic signature will be taken as indication of your agreement and understanding of Edson Animal Rescue Society (EARS) adoption application policy and contract *
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