Upgrade/Downgrade Request
Dear Customer.
All service change requests will be done during office hours (weekdays) only.
All service changes will be accepted and processed up to the 20th of a month.
No manual changes (top up, upgrade, downgrades, etc) is possible anymore and everything will be done via our systems.
It may take a while as it runs a check on service change histories, customer account verification, identification as well as account status.
The system will reject incorrect account information and requests can't be processed.
In the meantime it is possible to top up. No top up can be done by office staff. The website is open and accessible.
You may schedule your new monthly package to be effective on the first (1) of the following or chosen month. Unfortunately according to our new systems it will not allow an upgrade to happen sooner, however there is now bulk top up available. Ensure that you manage data use and also know your average daily / monthly use and plan packages accordingly.
Terms and Conditions may be altered from time to time by the service provider.
Please note that once a service change request is submitted, it will also result in change of debit order amount.
Log in and check to see that the requested package was allocated in the new month.
Thank you for your cooperation.
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Acceptable dates
Service changes will be accepted from the 1st to the 20th of a month.
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Terms & Conditions
This form serves as a request and authorisation to IBITS Internet for the change of package and change in debit order deduction.

If you are out of data, you will still have to use the top up service until the service change has been approved and scheduled.

Unshaped Service
No shaping restrictions on Download / Upload connection.
Synchronous Service

Speed Restricted Shaped Service. No speed issues/queries to will be attended to as for this is a speed restricted dynamic throttling shaped service! Best Effort Service.
Always "Up To x mbps" line speed
Asynchronous Service
Refer to FUP link on http://www.ibits.co.za/links/acceptableusepolicy

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