Celebrate PTA!
We want to celebrate all the awesome people and events happening in Plano PTAs! Please fill out this form so we can brag about you guys and celebrate all your hard work.
Please be aware that we may not get to share your brag right away. We may wait until it fits better with our monthly theme or when we have more time to properly celebrate your good work!
If you have any additional questions or comments, please contact me at CelebratePTA@PlanoPTA.org
What is your name? (I generally only use this information if I need to reach out to you for clarification. If you are comfortable with me sharing your name, please let me know!) *
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Now the fun part: Brag! Tell us all the fun details so we can properly share your story and celebrate this PTA. *
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Do you have any pictures you would like to share that relate to this brag? If yes, I will reach out to you at a later time to follow-up. Please note that ALL pictures need to be cleared and able to share at council meetings and social media sites! *
Thank you so much for taking time to celebrate PTA!
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