Mid-semester self-evaluation 2 CS 5970: AI, Ethics, and Geoethics (Spring 2021)
We are 2/3 of the way through the semester! You have done a lot for class and I want to check in again. This should be short.
What is your preferred name? If this differs from your name in canvas, please also tell me your canvas name so I can find you. *
What is your OU email address? (This form will email me but won't show me your email!) *
What aspects of the course have been the most successful for you so far? What have you learned (or are learning) that has most excited you so far? *
Have you learned anything fun or unexpected since our last check-in? What was it? *
We have 5 weeks left to class - if you could change something about how the class is run, what would it be and why? (If it is feasible and reasonable, I can implement it! Such as, adjust discussions to be such-and-such or give us more or less of X, whatever X is). *
We have a few options for our remaining five weeks. Please choose your favorite. You can select more than one if you feel equally about them. *
Have the new ideas on encouraging discussion helped you? If not, do you have additional ideas? *
Have you encountered any additional challenges in the course since last check-in? And how can I help you work through them? *
Have you made substantial progress on your part of the project? If not, what can I do to help? *
What format would you like to share final project outcomes? Check all that apply *
Consider the following few questions as part of creating a virtual portfolio for the class. Open up your canvas grading declarations. Have you been regularly completing the readings and watching the videos? If not, do you have ideas to help you stay on target for the future? *
Last check-in the amount of reading & videos was on target for almost everyone. Since the last check-in, are we still on target for the amount of reading and videos? *
Too little
Too much
Open up slack. Have you been an active member of the discussions for class for each week? If not, do you have ideas to help you stay on target for the future? *
Is the amount of discussion expected so far: *
Too little
Too much
Do you ever talk about the stuff you are learning in class outside of class? Have you connected what you are learning in class with life outside of class? *
What grade would you give yourself for the second part of the course? *
Why did you choose that grade? (Remember, we will do this again at the end of the semester. While I will prefer to give everyone the grades they give themselves, I reserve the right to change grades as appropriate.) *
Do you have any concerns about the course or your current progress? You can always DM me in slack, email me, or ask for a zoom, but you can also list concerns here so we can discuss them in our meeting. *
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