Datameet Pune - Interest Form
Data Meet Trust is an NGO founded in Bangalore comprising a group of individuals who talk about data, open data, and civic issues. Their great work with open data can be viewed on their website at Do explore!
This survey is meant to gauge your interest and preferences for joining the Pune chapter of Datameet. This can be a great platform to bring together skills from the technology sector and in-depth knowledge and data from the social sector. It is also a great platform for student and faculty led projects. Please let us know your views.

#Update: Check out our past meetups here
Name *
Would you be interested in brainstorming on themes related to open data and civic issues in Pune? *
Would you be interested in contributing some of your time to help with projects to explore, analyse and improve open data for civic purposes?
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Would you be interested in helping with the logistics of organizing meetings facilitated by Datameet Pune?
..or hosting one at your campus/home ?
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How familiar would you say you are with civic issues in Pune or in general? (e.g. public education, health, environment, transport and other public services)
Not at all familiar
Very familiar
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How familiar would you say you are in working with public data? (this could include gathering, processing, analysis or presentation of data using suitable softwares)
Not at all familiar
Very familiar
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If there are any topics in particular that you would like to explore within the Datameet Pune forum, please let us know below
What is your area of expertise/knowledge? What can you help with?
This is so that we can build a repository of contacts/go-to people for specific concerns within the Datameet Pune community
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You can call or text us to know more about this.
Craig D'Souza : 7276085960,
Nikhil VJ : 9665831250,
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