Staff Enrollment Application
• Women who have completed the H.E.R. Weekend.
• Men who have completed the M.K.P. New Warrior Training Adventure.

Staff are chosen based on the specific needs and requirements of our training and represent a balance of leadership. Those who sponsor women to the H.E.R Weekend are not guaranteed a staffing position.

•This form must be completed in its entirety.
• A Staff Fee of $175.00 is due 3 weeks prior to training.
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2020 HER Weekend Trainings
April 16-19, 2020 - Templeton, California
Dancing Deer Farm
Application Deadline: TBD

October 15-18 2020 - Perry, Kansas
Camp Chihowa
Appilcation Deadline: TBD
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Other Trainings:
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For This Training
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Has she indicated that she would like you to staff?
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Any Physical Limitations?
The H.E.R. Weekend welcomes people of all physical abilities. We welcome who you are, and there is a place for you to serve on staff. Different roles on the weekend require different levels of physical activity. If you have any physical limitations, please list them here so we can assign suitable roles.
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