What Do You Want from The Government?
Using a scale from 1 to 5 where 1 means lowest priority and 5 means highest priority, how much of a priority should each of these areas be for the government?
Answer a maximum of 10 Questions.
The government must create more job opportunities for the youth.
I would work for less money because I have a job
I would work in farming because I can become rich
There are not enough jobs for the skills I have.
Entrepreneur training
I would like to know more about how to start my own business
I would like to know more about how to market my own business
I would like to know more about how to get funding for my own business
I would like to know more about how to sell my products / services
Rent/housing costs are too high
Cost of food is too high
Electricity is not reliable
Safe Water is not accessible
Basic sanitation is not provided in my area.
The public toilets are not clean in my area
Quality of roads needs to be upgraded.
The Government should be accountable for their spending.
The government spending should be transparent.
NHIS should improve its benefits
Quality of the hospitals must be improved.
Illegal drugs must be banned.
Tertiary education must be more affordable
Tertiary education must be more accessible
The schools curriculum/syllabus must be updated to include today’s issues
Better quality books and equipment at schools.
Schools must offer more practical vocational support
One last question
If you had one minute with the President, what would your answer be to the following question:
What does the youth really want from government?
Your answer
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