Great Southern Exposure 2017 Application
Applications are open from August 1st-August 31st. Notifications go out the first week in September.
Held at the Visulite Theater in Charlotte, NC December 9th, 2017
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You must choose one option for each application. Solo performers must submit separate applications from their Duet or Group applications.
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$10 per selected category: Please note: All categories require individual entry. Separate categories eliminate gender binary or gender stereotypes. If you want to enter in both the King and Princess categories, then you may do so. Enter the categories in which you wish to compete/perform. You may select both "non-compete" and "compete" if you are not selected to compete, then your performance will be considered for the showcase.(example: "Hey if I don't get into the competition, then can I showcase instead?")
Performance Description:
Describe the performance you wish to submit, including all techincal details and requirements.You may also include additional information here.
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Stage Information:
NOTE: Competition Stage is covered in flat rug carpet over concrete. We have been using this stage for many years and it hasn't caused any dance concerns. You will be given tech/run through time to acclimate yourself. Suspension is not available. We do not recommend roller skates or wheels. Stage is 4 ft high and approx 10' x 20' . Fire is not permitted.
Standard Application Rules & Fees
All performers wishing to compete must complete the application and submit it along with the application fee, 2 promotional photos(hi res 300dpi), and video of their intended performance (or a link to the video online)

The Fee Schedule is as follows:
$10 Per Category - Group and Duet Acts $10 per person.
(For Example: Kitten LeBum wants to compete for Queen, Most Classic, and Most Glamorous. Her Fee is $30)
(For Example:Tex and his Dude Ranch want to compete in the Group Category. 6 members = $60 )

DEADLINE: ALL applications must be received by August 31st.
NOTIFICATIONS: You will receive a confirmation(website page) when your application arrives. All applicants will be notified of application status no later than the first week of September.

All required fields in the application must be completed. Incomplete entries may not be considered.

Please Apply Early to allow time for error correction or random snafus. Deadlines are SOLID.

ALL Performers must be over 18 years old and will be required to provide proof of age. No ID = No Show

Do not link video to one act then tell us you are doing a different act in the notes. You are required to perform the act that you applied with. Entry is evaluated based on performance video submitted

We do accept "non-stage" performance videos. We should be able to clearly see your performance, hear your music, and see a mostly finished costume.
Note: Entry acceptance is determined by video review from panel of your peers.

Multiple Applications - Performances
A performer may only compete in more than one act if they are competing solo and with a duet or group. You may bring one act for yourself and participate in one with your troupe or partner only. Separate applications must be submitted for each.
You may not compete in Two Duets Or Groups. You can't compete against yourself.
Special Award "Mammas Choice"
All performers will be considered for the special "Mammas Choice" Category at no cost. The Mammas Choice award was created to acknowledge any act which deserves "special recognition".
Judges and Scoring
Each performance will be scored by a panel of judges. Scoring will be live and publicly available immediately. After the pageant, the judges scoring sheets/notes will be made available to each contestant. Judges decisions are final. In the event of a crowning tie, contestants will be allowed on stage at the same time and given a piece of music to "StripSynch for their Lives"( Live improvisational burlesque performance). Judges determine best improvisational performance for title. If there is a tie for trophy/superlative categories(duet, group, funniest, glamorous, classic, edgiest, variety)double trophies will be issued.

Categories: Creativity Energy Beauty Seduction/Funny/ Edgy Costume/Props

Aerials, Lyra, Acts requiring insurance...
Any performer requiring Tie Points, Aerial Rigging, or Special Stage set up for physically taxing, or extreme acts should be prepared to set up their own equipment, and provide proof of insurance(,or Clowns of the U.S., is ok). The producers, promoters, venue owners, volunteers and employees of all are not responsible if you should take a tumble or do yourself personal injury. You are also responsible for any injury to any property or other persons occurring during or as a result of your performance. Rigging support and tie points are not provided.
Dressing Room and Gear
Dressing Room Space and Time are Limited. Performers will be allowed 15 minutes backstage before their performance.
There will be a strict admittance policy in place. We have an awesome stage cougar who can help you with everything from safety pins and stuck zippers to seam straightening and shoe polish. Please be nice to her.
Anyone bullying their way backstage or being a nuisance may be disqualified from competition.

We will provide a Free and Secure Gear Check (like a coat check). You will be given a claim ticket to access your gear during the evening. Decorum applies here as well please. You will be helped as quickly as possible but only one person at a time.

It is important to mention that you are coming to the great and glorious south to compete. This means the buckle of the bible belt my darlings. The authorities are very explicit about the things that may not be done on stage in a venue which sells alcohol. We have a very good reputation and would like to continue having this pageant for years to come. One pubic hair could ruin this, so please do not take any chances. All performers must abide by all North Carolina laws and ordinances. Things you may not do in a venue which serves alcohol are as follows:


DO NOT Display Pink Parts. No Nipples, No Labia, No Pubic Hair, No C-strings, No "crack", No Merkins. No Anus. No "mistakes" The local fine for this is $5000. Exposure will cause immediate Disqualification. All lower genital coverings must have side strings. (see attached example images)

DO NOT Display adult novelties or marital aids. No dildos, strap-ons etc.

DO NOT Display sexually explicit or vulgar behavior. Specifically: Do not re-enact your bedroom fantasies on stage in a manner which is explicit. You may allude to your fantasy/fetish but we should not see the raw act. (Example: bouncing on a sofa, grinding and pelvic thrusts are great. Doing this on top of another person or animal, alive or inflatable is not.

DO NOT Bring Alcohol purchased outside into the venue.The Visulite Theatre has a fully stocked bar which allows you to view the stage AND drink!

DO NOT Bring illegal drugs, weapons, or illegal items on the the property of the venue.

Anyone doing any of the above will be disqualified and ejected from the venue. No Refunds. No Exceptions.


Kindly, Follow all directions from GSE staff and all members of staff at the Visulite Theatre.

Have some tasty cocktails, socialize, network, and enjoy an awesome show!

Check out our vendors!

Drink, Dance, and be Divine!

C-Clamps are Forbidden
C-Strings Are Forbidden
Merkins are Forbidden
Legal Mumbo Jumbo
In applying to compete/participate in this event(by clicking submit), you grant the Big Mammas Productions and its assignees irrevocable permission to use your name, likeness and performance for unlimited promotional use(all media types in perpetuity forever in the universe). By signing/submitting this application you are agreeing to abide by all rules, laws, decrees and statements established herein and in the state of North Carolina, City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. You also agree to hold harmless for any and all occurrences at or pertaining to the event, all producers, promoters, venue owners, volunteers and employees.
You will be asked to sign your application and release form upon arrival to the theatre.
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By Typing my name here, I afirm that I have read all of the Legel mumbo jumbo , rules and requirements shown on this application and agree to abide by all of the same.
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