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Join me in a 4-week app-based workout program that will help you achieve your fitness goals. Choose from three different programs; Square 1, Power Up, & Muscle Up (descriptions below).

You will receive:
1. Free app download
2. 30 min workouts
3. 3 full-body workouts a week for 4 weeks (never the same workout twice!)
4. Access to the app features: before/after pics; food log; direct messaging to me; community newsfeed
5. Short video clips of each exercise for reference
6. Weekly emails of information/educational fitness material
7. Optional 2-Week check in on phone, text, FaceTime, email.
8. $30 for the whole 4-week program
...and much more!
Which program is for you?
1. Square One
Square 1 is my level 1 program. This low-intensity, body weight program is designed to ease you into working out. This program will be a great choice for beginners, new moms, those returning from injury or in need of slowly moving into a workout regimen.
2. Power Up
This is my level 2 program. Power Up uses all body weight exercises, yet incorporates high-intensity intervals and cardio bursts. Power Up is a full body program designed to build strength and torch calories. This program is great for runners, people wanting a body weight workout added to their current fitness routine, and/or people looking for a heart-pumping program to do at home or work, with little equipment and little time availability. If you're healthy, this is the program that will do it all for you!
3. Muscle Up
Welcome to weights! This program is a full-body interval workout that uses dumbbells to build strength. If you have gym access, or home/work facilities to use, I HIGHLY recommend this program. Incorporating weights into your workout routine is crucial in fat burn and strength gain. Along with weighted exercises, this program incorporates cardio bursts and of course, abs! Get lean and strong with Muscle Up!
Once you've decided which program is best for you, please fill out the registration below!
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