Sex Work Research Hub Membership Application and Renewal Form
The Sex Work Research Hub (SWRH) connects researchers and academics across a range of Universities and disciplines working on sex work, sex working and sexual exploitation.

We also connect with sex workers, sex work support projects and other stakeholders, such as lawyers, police, policy makers, educationalists, youth and community workers, to support and develop research that produces new knowledge, critiques dominant discourses on sex work, as well as delivering tangible public benefit and impact.

The Sex Work Research Hub mailing list is a resource to enable networking, discussion and sharing amongst sex work researchers. Membership of this group is for the following:

-Academics or researchers based in a university, or equivalent research institution, actively researching sex work or with a background researching sex work.
-Sex work support organisations involved in research
-Sex worker rights organisations involved in research
-Registered PhD students

The Sex Work Research Hub is underpinned by the principles of:

Participatory Action Research – collaborating with sex workers, practitioners and grass roots organisations
Evidence based policy
High ethical standards in sex work research
Research & evaluation that informs policy and praxis
Advances in research methodology including visual, performative and filmic methods

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