MARPOL Operation: Compliance Training Assessment
Test your knowledge of MARPOL regulations, compliance, and the marine environment.

This survey is being conducted on behalf of NAMEPA to assess effectiveness of a training program. This is NOT a formal or governmental evaluation. Honest answers are encouraged and responses will not be shared with outside parties.

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Were you in Wilmington, North Carolina or Morehead City, North Carolina when you were introduced to this program? If not, how were you introduced?
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What does "MARPOL" refer to?
What is the objective of MARPOL regulations?
True or False? A typical food chain in the ocean starts with phytoplankton.
What is an environmental hazard associated with oil spills?
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What is a noxious liquid?
What is considered sewage on a ship?
True or False: It is illegal to discharge plastic materials, synthetic lines, fishing nets, ash from incinerating garbage, or residue from the cargo section of oil tanker anywhere at sea from any vessel.
Why do chemical compounds, including CO2, Sox and NOx, emitted into the air from ships pose a threat to living things?
Why is it important to protect the marine environment?
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Why is compliance with MARPOL Regulations important (mark all that apply)
True or False: The first step to reporting a non-compliance issue onboard ship is to call the US Coast Guard.
If you read through the MARPOL: Operation Compliance Program, was it helpful in your understanding of MARPOL regulations and the marine environment?
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