Invitation Letter - SAFE EUROPE study - UKIO (1-3 June 2020)
Dear participant,

If you wish to participate in the focus group, please see the relevant information below.

What is this study about? The mutual recognition of qualifications allows professionals, who comply with certain criteria (such as similar academic level), to practise in another European Union member state. However, education of therapeutic radiographers (TR) varies between member states. This focus group aims to explore stakeholders’ perceptions of competencies of the TR working on the linear accelerator across Europe

How long is this activity? The focus group interview is expected to last approximately one hour.

How many people will participate in each focus group interview? Each focus group will have about six participants, one facilitator and one assistant.

What are the possible disadvantages and risks of taking part in this focus group? You are kindly asked to dedicate one hour of your time. There are no other expected disadvantages or risks.

What are the possible benefits of taking part in this focus group? You will be able to give your input
into this project and share your opinion with other stakeholders. As a token of appreciation for your time,
we will be offering a 25 Euro voucher redeemable from an international book and media store.

Will the focus group interview be audio-recorded? Yes. Confidentiality will be safeguarded.

How will confidentiality be safeguarded in an activity with multiple participants? Participants must follow the Chatham House Rule. “Participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speakers, nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.”

Will the data be used for other purposes other than this project? No.

Where will the results be published? The results will be included in my PhD dissertation, published in an open-access peer-review journal and on the SAFE EUROPE project website.

Can I withdraw from the study? You may withdraw before and during the focus group interview.

If I choose to withdraw after data has been collected, what happens to this data? Since this is a group activity, the interview data will be kept up to the point when you withdraw. The data will always be kept confidential. All personal data will be deleted. If this concerns you, but you still wish to participate, please consider participation in a one-to-one interview instead.

How can I withdraw from the study? Contact me directly, on (00356)99066519 or via email on

What permissions were sought before running this study? The University’s Research Ethics Committee (UREC) at Ulster University have given their approval for the study. The Society and College of Radiographers have also allowed running these interviews during this event.

Who can I contact if I have concerns or complaints about this study? Please contact Mr Nick Curry, Senior Administration Officer, Research and Innovation, Room 01H12, Ulster University, Jordanstown campus, Tel: 028 90 366629 Email:

I agree to participate. What shall I do now? Please fill in this form, and I will contact you to discuss the date and time of the focus group interview.

Yours truly,
Jose Guilherme
Do you accept to participate in the study and that the researcher contacts you? *
A copy of the invitation sheet and the consent form will be sent to you and the researcher will schedule the focus-group interview. NOTE: You can still withdraw from the study at a later stage
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Thank you for your time
If you accepted, the researcher will contact you via email.

At the end of the recruitment phase, the researcher will contact you to inform if you were selected to the interviews. If so, you will receive a copy of the Information Sheet and of the Consent Form.

Your knowledge is of utmost importance for this project. Thank you for participating.
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