MCL - Regional Director Application
If you are interested in becoming a regional director for the MCL please complete and submit this form.
MCL Corporate has final say over who becomes a director and not everyone that applies will be accepted.
Name *
Email Address *
Phone Number *
The city you are located in *
How many people do you believe would be interested in joining the MCL in your region? *
Do you have experience running cornhole events? *
If yes, please provide additional information such as how long you have been running events, how large they are, what types (leagues, fundraisers, backyards)
Do you have an existing cornhole page you manage? If so, what is that page name?
Do you have an indoor venue in your area that can be used for events large enough to hold a minimum of 6 lanes? Does the venue have food and/or alcohol available? Provide an explanation of the venue below. If you don't have a venue, just answer no *
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