Tasmanian Berries picker
Please take note, due to Covid-19 and the measures we have taken to help slow the spread, you will need to show proof of the time you have been in Tasmania.
Also please provide your employment history for the past month, this will help ensure the safety of our team when inducting new workers.
It is highly recommended that you only apply for work if you are committed to a term longer than 4 weeks and serious about the current situation, we will not accept people moving between jobs as this poses a higher risk to our staff.

All workers must have a Tax File Number and also have a valid visa to work in Australia, if you are visiting Australia from overseas.

We prefer that you work with us for a minimum 4 weeks.

We pay by the weight of berries picked and packed.
Pay rates do fluctuate depending on the condition of the crop being harvested.
We make a direct payment of your wages into your bank account and provide you with a pay slip.

- Christmas Hills site : 9 Christmas Hills Road Elizabeth town Tasmania
- Exton site : 280 Exton Road Exton Tasmania

Selected applicants for picking work will be contacted by email or mobile phone within a week.
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Strawberry and Blackberry season is from November to May and Raspberry is from December to May
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