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Call for Existing Art
Comfort & Joy is a volunteer-driven community non-profit where our members donate their time and skills in order to further our values. One such value is to foster and promote art; another is queer expression - this call is intended to foster queer and allied production in San Francisco through underwriting (through purchase of usage rights) and promotion at Afterglow (our New Years Eve party -, at Burning Man, and in our organizational knowledge and support.

Our digital art collection is an ongoing endeavor to collect and exhibit art which mirrors our values and organizational vision; note that the primary purpose of this call is to purchase usage rights to existing works, not to commission new pieces.

In particular, pieces representing racial, sex, gender and body type diversity, radical inclusion & self expression are encouraged.
About C&Js Art Collective
We raise much of our revenue through our community fundraising activities. We try to always act as responsible stewards with the group’s financial resources. The funds that the group has available to support local art are limited in their amount and we strive to assist as many artists as we can.

Because of these factors, we very seldom spend large amounts of money for the art that Comfort and Joy purchases - we are able to give no more than $125 to artists responding to this Call.

We are most interested in artwork that adds to the ambience that we create at our events as well as hopefully most the core values of C&J:
Core Values
   • Welcoming
   • Self-Actualization
   • Sex-Positive
   • Creativity
   • Inspiration
   • Community
   • Art
   • Queer Expression
   • Creating Joy
   • Service
Selection Criteria
The Project(s) you submit does not have to be digital in nature; however we will not be buying physical pieces for this — we will accept final Project delivery before payment in a high-resolution digital image only, though it could be a photograph or movie of a 3D or analog work (minimum size of final Project Image is 5,000 pixels by 5,000 pixels).

Projects will be prioritized which successfully:

   • Reflect C&Js core values
   • Can be used more than once like at our parties (not just Touch but Afterglow, Queericulum, Playa in the Grove), in our Burning Man village, and at community fundraisers like the Freak Chic fashion show.
   • Engage the community with Interactivity/Immediacy
   • Sport fluorescent colors or black light reactive accents
   • In particular, pieces representing diversity in sex, gender, body type & expression; radical inclusion &  creating joy are encouraged.

The more of these guidelines that your proposal meets, the more likely it is to be approved for usage purchase.
Deadline is to be decided — note that in order to reviewed, we must receive a full proposal, consisting of:
   •  This form, completed and submitted once for all pieces to be considered.
   •  Digital strike off / proof of the piece(s) - this proof must be large enough to understand content, but should not be full res*.
The strike off / proof can either be uploaded to our Drive account or linked from domain of your choice (Dropbox, iCloud, floppy diskette with satellite uplink). Name the strike off same as piece you describe in the form.

 *[final delivery of selected pieces will be need to be at high resolution with at least 5,000 pixels on the smallest side].
Ready to Go?
If you have the description ready and the proof all set, click "NEXT" to enter the questionnaire.
(Header Image: “Beard from Outer Space” by Ismael Álvarez / CC)
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