Parcon Resilience Facilitator Training
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AUGUST 11th to AUGUST 18th, 2019 : 11am- 7pm each day (Schedule is tentative once we have our first check-in call)

Parcon Resilience invites us to engage with the thinking, feeling and sensing of ourselves and our world(s) in full out movement and verbal expression. It capitalizes on the power of Parcon to bring intentional relationship with all things through the direct exploration of balance and momentum with oneself, objects, others and the environment.

If you are reading this application, you have probably seen, or experienced Parcon ( It emerged from a class in Contact Improvisation that I was teaching to Parkour coaches at a retreat in the fall of 2015 and then developed through labs and performances with the collective Parcon NYC and ultimately in classes that I taught.

In Parkour we obstacle through an environment (often urban), with vaults, jumps, and rolls to move with precision and efficiency. In Contact improvisation (CI) we share balance, momentum and touch through any point of our body in a dance studio. Parcon can use the exploration of shared weight and momentum from (CI) while pushing the boundaries of negotiating the environment as is done in Parkour. Hence it may be done with a partner and/or may be done solo, or in partnership with an object, such as a stick, ball or tire, but in general instead of the environment as obstacle, it becomes a dance partner which one can join intimately with.

I have been fully committed to teaching Parcon Resilience locally and abroad, as a movement form for social justice, for two years now. At the heart of Parcon Resilience is connecting the art of living an engaged and conscious life with a responsiveness to the relationships and systems we find ourselves in. We challenge the separation of mind and body, individual from collective, present from the past, and body from environment -- by practicing a framework of connection in full on movement, full on thinking, and full on collective. Parcon Resilience.

Thank you for joining us as the first facilitator training cohort!

Who makes up this cohort?
Healers, choreographers, organizers, activist, teachers and students. Anyone who wants to facilitate a Parcon Resilience approach with their work.

This facilitation training will be a majority people of color project. That means if you are a white person you may be placed on a waiting list depending on our ratios, or you can reach out to two POC friends or colleagues and fundraise together to join the training.

Nelson Rockefeller Park (Battery Park City at Chambers Street) :
Bill Young Studios, 100 Grand Street #2, Manhattan:
Randy Warshaw Dance Studio:
Jefferson Park (112th and 1st ave):
* Additional locations will be shared through group emails.

In an effort to shift individual burden off of the most marginalized who may want to participate, I'd like to state a fundraising goal of $14,000. This honors my preparation time, crafting of and review of outside class work and the actual class hours of training in addition to financial support for plane tickets for some of the participants. I am picturing a cohort of 10- 15 students, which we have right now as of 7/5/19 but will take more with anticipation that some may drop out last minute for whatever reasons.

Rebecca Javonic from Oberlin, OH has volunteered to coordinate the fundraising efforts ( The price for full paying individuals is a sliding scale of $700- $1300. But I do not want finances to be a stopping point. If you have the desire and commitment to learn the work, I want to support your path to do so, and I hope we can do so together. And my hope is that as a collective we can get everyone's needs met. We can do fundraising before the event, and as a performance on 8/18/19.

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