Missions Application 2018-2019
Being a part of a mission trip is one of the greatest opportunities you will have as part of the Wesley body. It is a challenging and growing experience, but it is also rewarding and can be a great means of advancing the Kingdom both at home and across the globe! Please prayerfully consider the trips below, and know that we're very excited about what God has in store for Spring and Summer 2018!

Please note:

If you want to sign up for multiple trips, you must submit multiple applications (one per trip).

The amount listed for each location is an estimated cost of the trip - once plane tickets are purchased, the cost, as well as trip dates, will be finalized and communicated to the team. It should stay very close to the estimated cost listed below. Summer trips will typically be 10 days-2.5 weeks in duration.

In order for your application to be complete, you must submit a $125 deposit by October 4th, 2018. $100 of this deposit will go towards the cost of your trip, $25 will go towards an administrative fee for trip participation (this $25 is an additional fee, on top of the cost of your trip).

Note - For international trips requiring a VISA: you will purchase those individually & this cost is not accounted for in the estimated cost of the trip.

Spring Break 2019:


On this trip, you will have the opportunity to learn from key staff members of Bethel Church and Bethel Music in Redding, CA. While visiting the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry you will attend classes, join in worship services and receive from Bethel staff.
Leaders: Clay Kirkland, Leah Vickeroy, Kenimer Highsmith
Estimated cost of the trip is $1450 per person.

Murphy Harpst

On this trip to Cedartown, GA, you will confront the current foster-care crisis in Georgia and work with a team at Murphy-Harpst Children's Center to provide community support and encouragement to adolescents suffering from years of abuse and abandonment. Join the Murphy-Harpst team to lovingly invest in adolescents, assist workers at the children’s home with tasks, and gain a broader perspective of God’s heart towards the foster/orphan crisis in America.
Leaders: Kennedy Browning, Dutch Williams, and Taylor Savage
Estimated cost of the trip is $500 per person.

St. Louis / Prayer Ministry Trip

This trip is two-fold: half of the week will be spent in Kansas City, MO at the International House of Prayer, and the second half of the week will be spent in St. Louis, MO at the Dream Center. The Kansas City days will be focused on growing in prayer and will provide the opportunity to serve through prayer. The St. Louis days will be focused on ministering to the homeless through organizing care packages and giving out food, outreach, and prayer. If you are interested in growing in your prayer life and applying it to hands-on ministry, this trip is a great fit.
Leaders: Tori Grubbs and Daniel Pelham
Estimated cost of the trip is $1000 per person.


This trip works with the Dream Center in Los Angeles, California, a ministry that ministers specifically to homeless and at-risk individuals. The team will minister to people of all ages, races, & walks of life through outreach, foster care intervention, and prayer ministry. There will be opportunities to work with the homeless, runaways, and inner-city residents.
Leaders: Blake Wiggins, Madeline Current, Lindsey Conway
Estimated cost of the trip is $1400 per person.


This trip will be through the organization Story International and their partnership in Huehuetenango, Guatemala. Opportunities include investing in existing projects associated with local businesses, ministering/providing VBS programming to a children’s home, prayer ministry in the city, and partnering with water purification efforts.
Leaders: Jessica Peavy, Chris Blankenship, Emma Whitmer
Estimated cost of the trip $2300 per person.


This trip will partner with The 410 Bridge in coastal Dejan, Haiti. Opportunities will include relational evangelism, water purification efforts, prayer ministry, and small scale construction work alongside locals to better their community.
Leaders: Sam Carroll and Mona Adams
Estimated cost of the trip is $2500 per person.

Summer 2019


While being nestled in the beauty of the Rocky Mountains of Southwest Colorado, students will encounter the heart of God as they serve and love Native Americans (specifically Navajo and Ute tribal members), recent immigrants from countries in Central America, and others living in situations of intense poverty. Ministry will consist of hosting a two-week Kids' Club for primarily unreached families, care of the elderly, and intercessory prayer. The Kids’ Club includes a lunch program for poor / homeless children, worship and scripture, and lots of fun games, sports, and art - it’s a place for children to be provided for and loved. Students will come away with a greater perspective on God’s heart for disenfranchised, impoverished, and forgotten people.
Dates: May 30 - June 15
Leaders: Meg Gray, Brooke DeLoach, Stephanie Stewart, and Alex Hinton
Estimated cost of the trip is $1200 per person.


We will be partnering with a long term missionary (Tom Fraley) & his church in Edinburgh, Scotland. Opportunities include learning about ministry in a post-Christian context, being invested in by Tom Fraley and learning more about the voice of God in your own life, participating in evangelism and outreach to university students, and ministering through prayer.
Dates: estimated May 13 - 23
Leaders: James Shafer, Savannah Ugan, Sarah Shelnutt, and Macey Williams
Estimated cost of the trip is $2500 per person.


We will be partnering with A-Mane Language School near Bangkok to assist in teaching English to Thai children, engage with non-Christian families, and host small groups to teach about God to Thai locals. We will also learn from other missionaries in Thailand, visit business-as-ministry organizations, participate in praying for the city, and build relationships with Thai people.
Dates: estimated May 13 - 23
Leaders: Sarah Savoie, Niki Johnston, Benjamin DeJarnette
Estimated cost of the trip is $2500 per person.


During this trip, the team travels throughout key historically Biblical areas in order to experience the locations where major Bible events took place. Some locations include Bethlehem, the Sea of Galilee, the Upper Room, and the Garden of Gethsemane. The team will also see the birthplace of other major world religions (Islam and Judaism) and be surrounded by people unlike themselves. This trip will make the Bible come alive for you in a whole new way.
Dates: estimated May 15 - 25
Leaders: Bob Beckwith, Morgan Atterbery, Tanner Davis
Estimated cost of the trip is $3500 per person.


The team will partner with The Bridge Ministry and Mission 615 in Nashville, TN, both ministries that work with homeless and inner city populations. On this trip, students will participate in highly relational homeless outreach, organizing and distributing food/hygiene/clothing resources on both a personal and large scale (upwards of 350-500 individuals), and prayer ministry. There is also opportunity to host programming for homeless children.
Dates: estimated May 12 - 19
Leaders: Reagan Bocook and Hunter MacInnis
Estimated cost of the trip is $850 per person.

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My application is not considered complete until I submit a non-refundable deposit of $125 (must be paid by Thursday, October 4th). Wesley does not accept cash. I can pay the deposit in check form (made out to the Wesley Foundation with my name in the memo line) or online through Paypal at ugawesley.org under "Give" > “Missions”. A service fee of around 3% will be charged for online payment (be sure to account for this if paying your deposit online by paying $129 instead of $125). $100 of this deposit will go towards your trip - $25 will go towards an admin fee for trip participation. I understand that this $25 is in addition to the total cost of the trip.These are the only times a refund can be made to me: 1) My trip is cancelled by Wesley or 2) I forward my own personal money to meet a deadline and raise the full amount in support from others. I will then be refunded the amount I paid as long as the full cost is covered by others' support. The deposit amount is non-refundable even under these circumstances. I acknowledge that these are the only acceptable circumstances for a refund. I will submit any questions I have on this subject to the Missions Director Meg Gray at ugawesleymissions@gmail.com as soon as I encounter them.I acknowledge that the cost of my plane ticket (or if there is no plane ticket, half my trip cost) for all trips will be due January 10th, 2019. The total amount of the trip is due at the second due date. Spring Break's second due date is February 14th, 2019. Summer's second due date is April 11th, 2019.  There will also be a first semester deadline for all trips that cost over $1000 of $350 due on December 6th, 2018. These due dates are non-negotiable.  I will attend the Wesley Mission's Conference on January 25th and 26th.
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