2018 Leap Sandcastle Classic Team Registration Form
Thank you for participating in the 2018 Leap Sandcastle Classic!

Please fill out this form to register your team. The information you provide will be used to create a customized fundraising page for your team. Once the page is created, we will be in touch with the url so you can start your fundraising process and submit your $500 registration fee.

Please feel free to contact us at sandcastle@leaparts.org or (415) 512-1899.

Leap's 36th Annual Sandcastle Classic
Saturday, November 3rd, 2018
Ocean Beach at Balboa Street, San Francisco
2018 Sandcastle Theme: "Building Bridges"

1) Team Name *
Get creative! The 2017 Sandcastle Classic theme was "Castles, Castles, Castles!", and some team names included: Bowser's Castle, Castle Crafters, and Knights of the Sandtable.) This year's theme is "Building Bridges." If you don't know your team name yet, that's ok! Just put TBD here and you can update your team name later on.
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2) Team Captain Name(s) *
This person or duo serves as the central point of contact for your team. It is the Team Captain's responsibility to forward important announcements from Leap to the other members of their team. If your team has Co-Captains, please include the names of both people below, and answer questions 3, 4 and 5 with information for both Co-Captains.
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3) Team Captain Company(ies) *
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4) Team Captain Email(s) *
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5) Team Captain Phone Number(s) *
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6) All Other Company Partner Contacts
We will make a group email account for your team based on your team name (e.g. sandformers@leaparts.org) We will add the names and emails included here to this group email. Please include the name and email address for EVERY person on your team to make it easy for everyone to receive important updates. You can always add more contact info to this email later on as more people join your team. Include first name, last name, and email address in a list format below.
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7) School Partner Contacts
List the first name, last name, phone number and email address of two key representatives from your partner school below. We recommend you identify the classroom teacher and principal as your two key liaisons. If you don't have a partner school yet or haven't identified these people yet, no problem. Leap will follow up with you over the summer to get this info or you can email it to sandcastle@leaparts.org.
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8) Fundraising Goal *
What is your team's fundraising goal this year? This year, we're encouraging each team to set a goal of at least $10,000. Last year, the top team raised over $55,000! If your team has participated in Sandcastle before, we encourage you to look back on your fundraising goal for 2017, and aim a little higher this year! All teams must at least meet the minimum fundraising commitment of $4,000.
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9) Team Introduction, Logo, and Photo
You can also choose to submit an introduction later. If your team has a logo and/or a photo to customize your fundraising page, please send it to sandcastle@leaparts.org.
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10) Do you need help finding additional partner companies? *
11) If you chose yes, what type(s) of company would you be looking for? (e.g. contractors, architects, engineers, etc.) We will reach out with details.
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12) Do you need help finding a partner school? *
Each team must partner with at least one school. We suggest working with grades 3rd-5th with a 1:3 ratio of adults to students on the day of the Sandcastle Classic.
13) Include a list below of all the participating companies on your team and your partner school's name.
If you're still building your team, you can email sandcastle@leaparts.org with any new partner companies that join your team later on.
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14) Concrete Castle Awards
This year, we're offering teams the option to forgo receiving a concrete castle award for each partner company and partner school on their team, thereby donating the cost of the castle back to Leap to support our fundraising efforts. Please select the option that works best for your team below. Concrete castles will be distributed at the Sandcastle Classic on beach day.
15) If you'd like Concrete Castle awards, how many? *
If you prefer that some team members receive castles but not others, estimate how many you will need below.
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16) Please review the terms of participation below: *
My team agrees to meet the minimum fundraising requirement of $4,000 in order to participate in the Sandcastle Classic. We understand if the $4,000 minimum is not met by November 3rd, 2018, my team will pay the difference to Leap. If my team does not meet the fundraising minimum of $4,000 or pay the difference by the end of the Sandcastle season, we understand it could affect our ability to participate in future Sandcastle Classics. My team also agrees to pay a $500 registration fee through our fundraising page as soon as we receive the url, which will count towards meeting our fundraising goal.
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