SUAMS does: Board Games!
Hey Guys,

This Tuesday we are going to have some fun board games. This time would be a special event because Sydney Uni Myanmar Cultural Society has decided to collaborate with us on the event:)). We will be giving out some free snacks during the night so do come and join us and play some good-old board games.

The list of games we have:
Coup - A role-playing mini-game that involves money and lying your way to victory
Avalon - A role-playing game that goes around the legend of Round table Knight
Exploding Kitten - A game similar to UNO where you draw and play but you play with some purrsy
Unstable Unicorn - A game that you build your team of unicorn and win the game
Card against humanity - A game determine winner by who get the best jokes
Bang! - A role-playing game involves weaponry and shoots
The Resistance - A role-playing game that goes around the story of revolution (similar to avalon)
Headbanz - A try-not-to-say-the-thing-on-your-head game
Dice town - A game involves dice and poker

Date : 3 September (Tuesday)
Time : 4.30 pm - 6.30 pm
Venue : International Student Lounge (ISL) (near Wentworth Building)
Fee: Free for all!
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