LowCountry Firefighter Support Cruise Registration
Thank you for your interest in the Cruise with a Cause for the LowCountry Firefighter Support Team.

Please complete the registration form below. After you are registered, A credit card authorization form will be emailed to the email address that you have provided so that we can submit your deposit for your cabin.

Be advised that we cannot accept cash, cash app or checks for payment. Please use credit, debit, or carnival gift cards as your form of payment.

A donation to the LowCountry Firefighter Support Team is included in the cost shown below. A letter for tax purposes will be given to cruisers after the cruise is finished.
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I acknowledge that I have read and understand the above questions and provided full and accurate information. I also understand that Aurora Sky Adventures only accepts credit, debit and gift cards as acceptable forms of payment. I understand that if I cancel, any money paid towards the cruise will only be returned per Carnival Cruise Lines cancellation policy. I understand that full payment must be received by the final payment date listed. I understand that if my balance is left unpaid after the final deadline, my cabin will be cancelled. I understand that if my cabin mate cancels that my rate may change. *
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