HOST a virtual Poor People's Army BOOTCAMP! Join a Division of the Poor People's Army!
We will hold regular WEBINARS/CONFERENCE CALLS for people interested in organizing a BOOTCAMP for the Poor People's Army. Sign up below and provide us some information so that we can contact you and set up a time to connect. It's a crucial time to take sides and organize.
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Host a Poor People's Army BOOTCAMP with support from Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign.

We can set up a phone call or webinar to give you an overview of how to host a bootcamp. We will offer ongoing support as needed.

The ruling class has their own army and police, disciplined and united. Our side needs just as much training, education, experience, and discipline to fight for justice for poor and working people (though with different, emancipatory tactics). A BOOTCAMP is meant to begin to develop people Mentally, Spiritually, Politically, and Physically.

We’ll provide resources to look at mental intelligence, healing, responsibility to others, self-discipline, planning, and political organizing and education. The bulk of program is about tools, tactics, and leadership in the movement. We use videos, short writings, and exercises to explore the importance of self-education and commitment. How do we move beyond indecision and hold up to scrutiny? How does one lead when things don’t go according to plan? We’ll talk about how to move beyond mental and physical exhaustion, how to delegate and share responsibilities, and how to recruit others to join the army. We’ll look at the “Underground Railroad” today (support by any means necessary for the oppressed today), and how to create bases in the Poor People’s Army. We’ll discuss the necessity of “projects of survival," organizing, principles of unity, and our strategy. We offer a youth component of training, and opportunities for kids and young adults’ voices to be heard.

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