2021-10-07 My ViewPoint Survey
2021-10-07 My ViewPoint Survey
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What is a word someone might use to describe someone who is “ladylike”?
Finish this line. It always smells good when what is baking in the kitchen?
Give a name of cereal you love to add to milk.
If students could give their teachers detention, what do you think they would get them for?
Name a cartoon character that would get you into a lot of trouble if they were your best friend.
Give a delivery service you have used recently or in the past.
Name a famous Kenny.
If you could be set up on a blind date with a superhero who would it be?
What's something a dog may try to guard?
Name something you associate with a carnival?
Give the relationship of the person who is at the top of your text messages.
Give a board game you may play on family game night.
Give an item you take off when first undressing.
Give a famous singer whose first name begins with the letter “C”.
I dislike going to the doctor because they always tell me _________
The Sound of nature can be very peaceful, except when you hear what?
Give a word that rhymes with “fool”.
Name a TV cartoon that would make a good Halloween group costume.
Other than to wake, why else might someone set an alarm?
Give a vegetable seed you may plant in your garden.
Snow White was upset because she lost her what?
Name something you can stack.
Besides the restaurant business, give another service in which its custom to tip.
It would be odd to go to an Italian restaurant and they not have what?
Give a world city that begins with the letter “B”.
Whats another word you might use for “good”.
Name something you earn.
Give an activity you may participate in that involves ice.
Give a grocery item you may buy multiple times a month.
Name something that may be described as creepy and crawly.
Who is someone that would speak at a roast for Big Bird?
Give a song an Elvis Impersonator might sing.
Whats an easy Halloween costume to put together at the last minute?
Give a fruit you typically do not eat the outside of?
Give a well know company that begins with the letter “A”.
Name an actor you associate with horror films.
Give a fictional character that does not wear pants.
Give another word that rhymes with “rush”.
Name someone famous who is known by a first and last name that begins with the letter “M”.
Name an evil Disney villain.
Give a Disney princess it would be sad if Disney decided to disown.
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