2020 Questionnaire for Nominees for the Board of Directors for Serve Credit Union
Please complete this application fully and then click "Submit" at the bottom. If any required fields have been left blank, your form will not submit. Applications must be received on or before Friday, August 28th, 2020 by 5:00 p.m. To qualify you must be a member in good standing and 18 years of age or older. The Nominating Committee will review the candidates and present a list of eligible candidates prior to the voting period. No nominations will be accepted from the floor at the annual meeting.
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Please email a head/shoulder photo of yourself to Jami Weems at jweems@servecu.org no later than, August 28, 2020. If you are not able to do so, please make arrangements with Jami to stop in to the credit union and have your photo taken. *
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This form must be completed in full, even if you have submitted a questionnaire in previous years. I have read the attached Duties & Responsibilities of the Board of Directors and would like the Nominating Committee to consider placing my name on the ballot. I understand that failure to complete any portion of this questionnaire or answer any questions by the Nominating Committee may result in my name not being included on the ballot. I authorize Serve Credit Union to perform any necessary background checks on me and to obtain a credit bureau report on me. I authorize Serve Credit Union to share the information on this questionnaire with the membership of Serve Credit Union so they may make an informed decision when voting.
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Credit Report and Background Investigation Authorization
Serve Credit Union may evaluate the competence, experience, character, and integrity of any individual who is to serve on the Board of Directors of Serve Credit Union, a federally insured credit union. To assist in the evaluation process, Serve Credit Union may obtain and review an individual’s credit report and background investigation.

I authorize Serve Credit Union to order a credit report and conduct a criminal background investigation for the purpose of processing my application for my participation as a volunteer of Serve Credit Union.
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