"My Crazy Divorce" Guest Application
Please take your time to read this introduction and to complete this form as completely and accurately as possible.

First and foremost, please remember that the goal of our podcast is NOT for you to get revenge on your ex or to paint them as the bad guy. Our goal is to be informative, entertaining, and above all, provide hope to those going through their own crazy divorce.

My Crazy Divorce is a video podcast, which means that in addition to the audio recording, our guests are also recorded on video. If you're selected as a guest, you'll be asked to create a makeshift recording "studio" (following the simple instructions we provide) in order to be ready for audio and video recording.

In addition to creating a "studio", please make sure other distractions (e.g. kids, pets, etc.) are taken care of so you can focus your attention on telling the story. If you have children - and would like to have them featured - we'll invite you to introduce your children, on camera, as background to the story.

Expect your recording session to last 90-120 minutes.

As you complete this form - and if you're selected as a guest - we implore you to be 100% factual - without embellishment or exaggeration. If your actual story isn’t crazy enough for My Crazy Divorce, then you should probably end the application process here and remain a loyal listener - feeling grateful that your story isn’t worse than it is.

Let's get started!

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