Camp Bethel Summer Staff Application 2019 (for returning applicants)
A “returning applicant” is any former Senior Counselor, Adventure Counselor, Day Camp Counselor, Junior Counselor or paid Coordinator. If you were a CIT or volunteer (not paid) in 2018, you must complete a NEW staff application. We are accepting Senior Counselor, Adventure Counselor, Day Camp Counselor, & Coordinator applications now through May 1, and we will screen, interview and hire for these positions as applications are received. Because funding is limited, only the best applicants can be hired as Junior Counselors. We are accepting Junior Counselor applications now through March 1 (apply NOW or as soon as possible). Applicants not hired as Junior Counselors may opt to shift their application to a CIT position.

Returning Staff Applicant Directions:
1. BEFORE completing this application, read the updated 2019 Summer Staff Information packet at:
2. Along with your application answers, send the following (mailed or e-mailed) to Camp Bethel: (a) a scan, digital photo, or photocopy showing your driver's license, if applicable; (b) a scan, digital photo, or photocopy of any current certification cards, if applicable; and (c) a copy or image of your most recent report card to verify your minimum GPA of 2.5 for paid counselors/staff, if you are in high school grade 9-12.
3. Returning staff applicants will list two references as part of this application form (near the end of the form). Include name, phone number, and relationship. Do NOT use family members, friends, significant others, or current Camp Bethel staff as references.

General Information
Your LAST name. *
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Your FIRST and MIDDLE name. *
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Your e-mail where we can respond to you. *
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Position you are applying for. *
See available positions at Adventure/Trip Counselor (18yrs+); Senior Counselor (18yrs+); Traveling Day Camp Counselor (18yrs+); Junior Counselor (16-17yrs).
On June 9, 2019, will your age meet the required minimum for the position for which you are applying (as listed above)? *
Once hired, camp performs a comprehensive criminal background check on ALL staff (including returning staff) and must use your date of birth to submit the background check inquiry.
Your Date of Birth. *
MM/DD/YEAR, ex: 05/02/1994
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Your cell phone number, including area code. *
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Your home, permanent mailing address (number and street or PO Box); probably your parent's address. *
This is probably your parent's address, and it's where we will send your 2018 tax info.
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City: *
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State: *
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Zip Code: *
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Your work -or- College/School address to contact YOU
(name of institution, number and street or PO Box, city, state, zip). If you are a high-school student, do NOT complete #s 11-12.
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If 18 years or older, please list all addresses that you have lived at as an adult. *
(number and street or PO Box, city, state, zip). If you are not 18 years old please note that in the box below.
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Your T-shirt size (Adult S, M, L, XL, XXL) for staff shirt. *
Do you have any dietary restrictions? *
Please list any dietary restrictions so we can consider them within our menu planning. Help us plan the best possible menu for our summer.
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List time off or upaid leave needed: We expect you to work your full contract, however if you have a conflict it MUST be listed here to be considered for time off.
If time off or unpaid leave requests arise after the submission of your application, email the office immediately at All time off and unpaid leave must be requested prior to the beginning of training.
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