Sunday School Registration Form 2017/2018
Please complete all questions. The form will not register your response unless you answer in full.

For Sunday School activities at Christ Church, Isle of Dogs.

Our Sunday School class also has a related group called EPIC (Endless Possibilities in Christ) for older children

The pattern is:


10:45 am 3-7 yrs in age Sunday School Worship

11.00 am 3-7 yrs in age Sunday School Session (different zones for age groups 3-5 and


4.30-6 pm 7-10 yrs in age EPIC

Part 1. Child's Details
Child's first name
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Child's last name
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Known as
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Date of birth
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School or nursery attending
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Known allergies *
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Part 2. Names of people allowed to collect child from church or from Sunday School events elsewhere
Name and relationship to child
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Name and relationship to child
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Name and relationship to child
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Name and relationship to child
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Part 3. Photographs
From time to time we like to take photographs to illustrate the children's work and to publicise the Sunday School. The photographs may be displayed on the Parish Website and on social media. No children's names will ever be associated with such photographs. If you do not wish your child to appear in photographs, please tick this box
Part 4. Parent/Guardians' details
Mr, Mrs, etc
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First name
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Last name
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Post code
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Contact phone number
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Relationship to child
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Part 5. Parent Charter
As a parent whose child is receiving Christian teaching of a high quality, we are grateful to the Parish and the Church of England for providing the necessary resources and acknowledge that we have a responsibility to support the children and those who teach them by

Encouraging weekly attendance at church
the sessions use subjects, songs and activities from previous sessions
the term can include a series of connected lessons

Bringing my child to each session on time
the children should be ready for their class five minutes before the start
of worship, upstairs, in the Parish Room, by 10:40 am

Encouraging my child in the Christian Faith
by talking over what they have learnt
by praying with them regularly
by reading the following week's Bible story with them
by challenging habits and arrangements in church that hinder my
child's learning
Encourage my child to thank God for his goodness
there are yellow envelopes for the children's weekly thank offering
by supporting the Parish's Planned Giving
by volunteering my time and talents to play my full part in the mission
of the Parish in its community

I agree to the Parent Charter
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