AstridTravel Club Survey
This survey will ask you about your travel habits and preferences, as well as your interest in joining a Travel Club. A Travel Club is a club designed to bring lovers of travel together both virtually and physically through online platforms and in-person trips around the world.

In 2019, Astrid Solo Travel Advisor will be unveiling the AstridTravel Club in the hopes of bringing together solo travelers interested in affordable luxury travel experiences. We plan to offer specially-tailored excursions that not only bring together like-minded people, but ones that go beyond the “run of the mill” vacation by fostering personal growth and cultural understanding. We would greatly appreciate your feedback on this survey as it will help us craft the AstridTravel Club with your thoughts and desires in mind.

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How many trips do you take per year on average?
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Would you be interested in participating in an AstridTravel Club digital forum? (An online discussion board similar to Reddit & Quora)
We want to create the AstridTravel Club with your thoughts and desires in mind. Please share with us any other suggestions or comments you might have for us!
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