Attorney Action Club Survey
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How long have you been attending the Attorney Action Club?
How did you hear about the AAC?
Friend, website, colleague, mentor?
What do you like about AAC?
What could be improved?
What topics or areas of interest would you like the AAC to integrate into its annual program?
The AAC provides monthly lunch meetings that feature different speakers. What subjects would you like to see incorporated into these monthly gatherings?
Have you contributed to the "Big Win" Blog?
The AAC features an SEO optimized blog where you and/or your business can be showcased and promoted. Members are welcome to submit posts that will be posted onto the AAC blog and distributed amongst the membership.
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If AAC were to start charging a small fee to help pay for the expenses in running the club, would you stop attending?
The AAC has experienced considerable growth over the past 11 years. To make it a sustainable program, we are looking for ways to partner with you to help cover some of the costs associated.  We plan to create a network that you can benefit from. To read more about the growth and future of the AAC, check out
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If we were to charge an annual fee, which range do you think is a fair membership fee?
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