Manchester Church of the Brethren Time and Talent Survey
We are blessed with a vital church which shares God’s love in many ways. Part of our vitality is due to our outstanding pastors and a very useful building. Part of it is because so many members and friends of all ages contribute to the church’s ministry. As many as 60 volunteers may be needed to help make a Sunday morning smooth and meaningful. How can you help?

Please mark the ministries you can be part of. Each member of the family who is a high school graduate or above should fill out a separate survey. (There is another survey for grade 6 – 12 students.) Can you help the church in several ways?

1. What is your name?
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2. Your email address:
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3. Home phone:
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4. Cell phone:
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5. Birthday (mm/dd/yy):
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6. Childcare/Nurture/Hospitality
7. Christian Education
8. Congregational Structure (All positions are filled by congregational slate from volunteers), all are 3 year terms:
9. Denominational and District Structure: (First four are chosen by ballot from volunteers)
10. Property Care
11. Social Concerns
12. Social and Recreational
13. Stewardship
14. Worship/Music
15. I have an interest in deacon ministry
16. We encourage all members to attend Church Council meetings twice a year. Which times are best for you? All are on Sundays. Child care can be provided.
17. Would you like child care during the council meeting?
18. What other ways can you help our church program?
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19. What other programs or services would you like our church to provide?
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