Community Partner Inventory

Dear Partners,

As we enter 2010, I would like to take an inventory of our partnerships and potential partnerships to assess new areas for growth in our collaboration and see what opportunities for learning we can share with you. In some cases, the term partnership may not apply to our current relationship, but you may have interest in renewing conversations with the Center for Civic Engagement.

Please complete this brief survey (the link is below); it should take less than 20 minutes. This information will be used to help us better understand your organization's needs (other than student volunteers). In February of 2010, the CCE will meet with a large group of faculty to discuss community-based learning and research. This survey was prepared as a way to better understand your capacity and desire to foster a mutually beneficial partnership with one or more faculty members. Any further partnership with faculty will be supported by the Drexel University Center for Civic Engagement in many ways, including the potential of financial sponsorship.

Feel free to share this survey with others within your organization or other agencies that might be interested in partnering with the Center for Civic Engagement, we would like to learn about community needs from as broad a spectrum as possible.

Best regards,

Thomas Dahan
Program Director for Community Partnerships and Outreach
(215) 895 6284

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    Encouraging Socially Responsible Behavior
    Encouraging Public Service to Address Issues of Public Concern
    Providing Course or Project-Specific Learning in a Community Setting
    Enabling Development of Critical Thinking Skills through Exposure to Complex Real-World Situations
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