Sonica Artist Submission
Thank you for wanting to create art at Sonica Venao! ❤️

As you may know, Sonica Venao is a music and art gathering, focused on human connection through a playground for encounters, dancers, creators, passion and just pure fun seekers.

We strive for /transcendent/ connection in the many ways as you may understand it.
That's why CONNECTION is the theme of Sonica 2020!

All artists are welcome to create and show their playa art at playa venao.

- Send in your projects until February 3st, 2020
- Install art by March 17th, 2020 (The festival takes place from March 20 to 29)
- Remove art after March 29, 2020 (or talk to us for a permanent art installation)

Please read some important information that matter to the Sonica Venao family:
- leave no trace! We strive for creating a festival mostly without producing any garbage. So this counts for art as well. Please take this value into consideration before sending in your art project.
- Contribute to the playground. We love installations that contain interactive elements, which allow participants to fully engage with your art piece instead of viewing it from a safe distance as we are used to in our museum- and gallery-oriented world. We would like to encourage participants to explore and interact with your art and may be find themselves helping you to build, extend or complete your art work. Touching, climbing, entering, spinning, engaging, exploring - feel free to let go. However, non-interactive art projects will be reviewed as well and are very welcome too!
- In Venao volunteers can assist you in placing your art on the playa. That's why please give us some information about the size, weight and complexity in the questionnaire.

As soon as you submit your questionnaire and send us an email to with some sketches, pictures, notes, etc. we will get in touch with you to talk things through and help your art installation come true.

Thank you and welcome home! ❤️

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