Go Cycle Bike Loan Scheme - Application Form
Once you have completed this form to register for the Go Cycle Bike Loan Scheme. we will contact you as soon as possible about getting your bike.

If you can see a 'REQUEST EDIT ACCESS' message above this form, please ignore it - you do not need to 'edit' the form, simply complete and submit it.

NB. Your completed form and its contents ONLY be used for the purpose of processing your booking for the Bike Loan Scheme unless you agree to participate in the User Survey.
User survey *
The Royal Borough of Kingston is working with Kingston University to conduct a survey of the GoCycle Bike Loan Scheme to help us improve our services. As a user of the Bike Loan Scheme we would like to ask if you would agree to Kingston University contacting you to ask about your experience the Cycle Loan Scheme as part of this survey.
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