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We would like to run a travel pool to equalise the costs of travel for all participants. For this reason it would be useful for us to have a rough idea of transport costs ahead of time. Enter a number (0 if you are attending but live in Edinburgh)
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We are keen to make the conference as accesible as possible please inform us if you have an accesibility issue that we need to be aware of. Tell us what you need and we will try and sort it!
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Do you need a bed for the night or can you cope on the floor/sofa? *
We are able to provide crashspace for a large number of people - however some of them will potentially have to be on the floor (we don't charge though!)
Are you intending on attending the Accounting For Co-operatives session during the day on Friday? *
There will be a comprehensive 5 hour workshop on co-operative finances and accounting on Friday during the day - it will cover double entry accouting, end of year accounts, cash flow forecasting, complicated terminology amongst many other things. The session will run from 11am-5pm. We are incredibly keen for as many people to attend and get as much out of this session as possible, its an incredible chance to learn a whole new skillset in a day for free! Please also bear in mind this is relevant to all members of a co-operative. Even if you are not the finance director if you are to participate fully in the co-operative it is useful to have a good understanding of accounts.
Can you help provide accomodation? For how many people?
If you are from Edinburgh it would help us loads if you could answer this question.
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