NJSSC 2020 Fall Summit Interest Form
The NJSSC 2020 Fall Summit will take place on November 21, 2020 from 12:00 - 3:30. After hearing from our keynote speaker, there will be an opportunity to ask questions and then we follow with a couple of interactive workshops. Please fill out this form to register for the summit and choose which workshops you would like to attend. Once you sign up, you will be contacted via email with the zoom link and your workshop assignments.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Navyaa Jain (navyaajain10@gmail.com).
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Workshop Plan
During the summit, participants will be able to attend two out of the three of the workshops. Please rank your choices below so that we can assign you fairly.

Intro to Artistic Activism: In this workshop, Ava Blando will discuss the history of protest music, share her own music, and provide a short lesson on writing protest music. Also, Ashley Park will discuss visual arts as a powerful tool for environmental advocacy and share her environmental art pieces and her inspirations for creativity. Participants will be given some time to apply what they learned and create their own music and/or art piece!

Intro to Organizing: April Nicklaus will train attendees on the basic principles of planning and coordinating your own event--a critical skill for current or aspiring activists and leaders. Come to the session with an event idea in mind, learn new skills, and workshop your event idea to help bring it to life! Added bonus: Our favorite ideas will become NJSSC’s next big events.

Intro to Plastics Policy: Tiffany Kemeklis and Navyaa Jain, along with BBPB’s Plastics Team, will discuss the history of environmental policy around the world, and how it continues to influence climate reform. Participants will engage in conversation about how we can implement new policies to protect our future. In honor of the NJ Plastic Ban, participants will also learn how to create their own reusable bags sustainably.
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