PLIF: Project Lead It Forward

Thank you for your interest in becoming a PLIF sponsor! PLIF projects are the capstone of the Scottsdale Leadership class experience, providing an opportunity to cultivate leadership and teamwork skills to define, create and implement a successful community project. Ideal projects should meet the following components/guidelines:
• Provide the opportunity for team members to work in collaboration with the project sponsor to determine
HOW to accomplish outcomes
• Result in a project that is sustainable and has long-term impact on an organization
• Ability to complete and implement solution within the 4-month PLIF timeframe
• This project should NOT primarily be a fund-raising campaign
• For examples of our PLIF projects, see our YouTube Channel: https://bit.ly/2Raf6E6

Organization Name *
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Project Sponsor Name/Title *
Project Sponsor Phone # (xxx-xxx-xxxx) *
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Has this organization sponsored a past Scottsdale Leadership project? If so, what year was the project completed?
Proposed Project Name *
Please describe your organization and its mission (200 words or less.) *
Please describe the proposed project in terms of anticipated outcomes. Ideal projects will provide the opportunity for team members to work in collaboration with the project sponsor to determine HOW to accomplish the outcomes. Example statements: 1. Kids will have a safe place to relax and relieve stress outside. 2. The food bank will be able to support pets in addition to humans. 3. The volunteer training program will be simplified, standardized, and more accessible for participants. *
What are the minimally acceptable outcomes? (MUST) *
What are the ideal outcomes? (SHOULD) *
What are the above and beyond dreams? (COULD) *
What known constraints must be overcome to accomplish the minimally acceptable outcomes listed above? What permits or permissions are required for this project? *
Is the listed Project Sponsor the financial and facility decision maker for this organization? If not, who is? Which stakeholders must be included in project decision making? Example: The city owns the building, and must approve all plans facility modifications. *
Can the Project Sponsor commit to responding to project-related communications within two business days? *
Are there any organizational funds available for this project? If so, how much? Please note that while availability of funds is not required for project selection, project scope and completion feasibility will be considered. *
Will team members be required to obtain security clearance(s)? (Example: Fingerprint clearance for facility entry.) *
Why should Scottsdale Leadership select this project? (200 words or less.)
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