OMSA Governance Committee Application (2018-2019)
The Governance Committee is newly introduced this year as a vehicle for ensuring organizational excellence of OMSA. This Committee is under the portfolio of the Director of Finance and Internal Affairs, and has the following objectives:

1. To achieve organizational excellence through reviewing, updating, and ensuring compliance with new and existing OMSA policies and procedures.
2. Development and implementation of a new 3-year strategic plan for OMSA, outlining the long-term goals of the organization and its various committees
3. Long-term financial planning for this continuously expanding organization, including identifying and pursuing new sources of funding on the path to financial independence
4. Maintaining and updating the OMSA Constitution and Bylaws
5. Review and evaluation of existing OMSA portfolio activities
6. Oversee the evaluation and distribution of OMSA grants (including the Conference Grant and the Innovator Grant)

For more information, please contact the Director of Finance and Internal Affairs at

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