McComb–Veazey Neighborhood Coterie June 2017-May 2018 Membership Application

Explanation of a Coterie

A simple definition of a coterie in Lafayette would be “an elected group of neighbors who join together to create and implement plans and solve challenges that benefit the neighborhood.” Throughout the year, the coterie manages the neighborhood plan implementation. Ultimately, the coterie’s aim is to prepare and coordinate a comprehensive short- and long-range plan for the neighborhood.

The coterie's membership is comprised of property owners, residents, and business owners from each coterie’s respective neighborhood. Neighborhood institutions like schools, churches, and community centers advise the coterie during the implementation process.

In addition to monthly coterie meetings, there is at least one annual public meeting in each respective neighborhood. Potentially, two or even three public meetings during a year within a neighborhood could occur depending on plan items and issues that the coterie deems important. The monthly meetings last one hour and require specific attendance for voting purposes. A firm commitment is needed for attendance at the monthly meetings and, it must be said, that “timeliness is highly appreciated.” Coterie members can also get involved with subcommittees that focus on specific goals and/or projects for the neighborhood.

Evolution of the McComb-Veazey Coterie

The planning staff of Lafayette Consolidated Government has been meeting with the McComb-Veazey Neighborhood since March 3, 2009. The coterie meets on the first Thursday of each month for an hour at 5:30 pm at the Main Public Library, 301 W. Congress St, and various locations within the neighborhood. The purpose of the coterie is to work towards the implementation of the neighborhood plan. The McComb–Veazey Neighborhood Plan is a component of the neighborhood planning efforts that are discussed in the Lafayette Comprehensive Plan. If you are interested in serving on this coterie, there are a few questions found below for you to answer. Again, there is a time commitment one must consider. If you are not selected by the neighborhood to serve on the coterie, the meetings are open to the public and you may attend any meeting you wish.

Tina Shelvin Bingham, Vice Chair
McComb- Veazey Neighborhood Coterie
(337) 534-1471

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