Crowd Pleasers Dance:Team Size Verification Form (Public and Private Schools Only)
Crowd Pleasers Dance defines team size by the number of team members on your team roster, not including managers. This size may not be altered after Official Certification or after January 7, 2019. Ex: If you are registered as Small Team as of January 7, 2019, you must compete as a Small Team at all 2019 Crowd Pleasers Contests. Also, make sure your registration reflects if you are competing in the Classic or Select Division. See RULES and REGS for details.
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Is your team competing in the Classic Division? -Any team can compete in our CLASSIC DIVISION! Designed for teams with limited experience and/or extreme variation in skill level! Division chosen at the directors discretion. *
Thank you for competing this verification form! We look forward to seeing you this contest season! If you have any questions, please email
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