Junior High Lunch Check-Out Week ending 1/15/21
To make this a success in reducing the possibility for the spread of COVID-19, we are asking families to utilize this option for social distancing purposes only. Students are only allowed to leave with their own parent, grandparent, sibling, or daycare provider, as designated by their primary guardian. Students are expected to eat in the home of one of these individuals who is already part of the family’s inner circle of close contacts. Please be mindful that we are piloting this option; if we find that it is not working, we will revert back to our normal closed campus procedures.

To sign your child out, please complete this form by 8:30 AM on Monday, January 11. This form is for the week of January 11-15
If you do not plan to have your child leave for lunch during the upcoming week, you do NOT need to complete the form.
Student(s) Name: (may include more then one student if in the same family) *
Which days this week will your student be leaving? *
Person Picking Up Student (if walking, type parent's name here) *
Is student allowed to walk home for lunch? *
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