3rd - 6th Bible Evaluation
This test is based on the Bible Curriculum being taught at Calvary Christian Academy. This is not a test but an assessment of what our students are learning at each grade level in Bible Class.
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1. The first five books of the Bible were written by: *
2. God is _______________. *
3. We no longer sacrifice animals to God because Jesus came to be the perfect sacrifice. *
4. God gave the woman of Shunem ________ because of her pure motives. *
5. Who prepared the way for the Messiah? *
6. God punishes sin. *
7. Mary and Joseph went to _______ to pay their taxes. *
8. Which of the following books is not a Minor Prophet? *
9. Who does God's Word say is responsible for sin? *
10. The man attacked by thieves and ignored by religious leaders was helped by a man from: *
11. Jesus told Nicodemus that he must be _______ again. *
12. Job did not get angry but he _______ God. *
13. Jesus' first miracle was performed at a ____________. *
14. What was the name of the woman made from Adam's rib? *
15. Which book comes next in this sequence? Galatians, Ephesians, ___________ *
16. Paul was arrested in the city of ___________. *
17. __________________ was willing to die for the sins of men. *
18. God's Word is eternal without end. *
19. God's Word lasts __________________. *
20. James and John were _______________. *
21. Who betrayed Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane? *
22. The last book of the New Testament is_____________: *
23. Which of the following men was NOT a disciple of Jesus? *
24. The Israelites were slaves of Pharaoh. *
25. When God asked Solomon what he desired, Solomon asked God for: *
26. Ahab and Jezebel were unfaithful to God. *
27. Which of the following books is NOT a gospel? *
28. Mary was first told she was going to have a child by the angel named _________________. *
29. Satan tempted Jesus to throw Himself down from the _________. *
30. We know the Bible is TRUEbecause it is the _______ Word of God. *
31. Jesus overcame temptation by quoting Scripture. *
32. Mary and Joseph lived in the town of ______________. *
33. His life of greed is compared to Lazarus' life of contentment: *
34. Justified means *
35. Iniquity is *
36. We are to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and _________________. *
37. The Lamb's Book of Life contains the names of ___________. *
38. Which apostle is known for sharing the gospel with Gentiles? *
39. What was the name of the garden where Jesus prayed before being crucified? *
40. The building or temple of the Holy Spirit is the *
41. One of Paul's partners on his first missionary journey was Barnabas. *
42. The last supper that Jesus ate with His disciples was the Passover meal. *
43. We can know for certain we are saved because _________. *
44. God judged the world for its sin by sending a: *
45. David let his many wives bring false gods and religions into Israel. *
46. Just as the Israelites represented God to the other nations in the Old Testament, Christians are to represent God to the unsaved today. *
47. Jonah disobeyed God's command to go to Tarsus and went to Nineveh on a ship instead. *
48. Abraham showed his faith in God by being willing to sacrifice his son named __________. *
49. The people expected the Messiah to come as a(n): *
50. As a young man Jesus grew in wisdom, stature, and in favor with God and man. *
51. Hannah prayed and dedicated her daughter to the Lord for service in the temple. *
52. Joshua led the people to the Promised land, but Moses went into the Promised land. *
53. God being everywhere is called *
54. A _____________ was a Bible teacher in the Old Testament who told of God's will and future events. *
55. How many times did Peter deny Jesus? *
56. The Ark of the Covenant contained the following: Aaron's Rod, Manna and _______________. *
57. To be without sin is to be: *
58. As Stephen was being stoned for his faith in Christ, who was standing holding the coats? *
59. Which disciple fell asleep while Jesus was praying in the Garden of Gethsemane? *
60. Who does God's Word say is responsible for sin? *
61. After Saul met the risen Savior on the road to Damascus, his name was changed to: *
62. The Holy Spirit lives within Christians to guide them into all truth. *
63. Which one of the following does God NOT do for men? *
64. What was Jesus' last command before going back to heaven? *
65. Proverbs and Ecclesiastes were written by King David. *
66. On what were the first copies of the Scripture written? *
67. How did people know that Jesus was the Christ? *
68. Which disciples did Jesus take to the mountain to pray? *
69. Each person has a soul and body. *
70. Which book is a collection of songs of prayer and praise to God? *
71. If you were trying to find out how many times the word "love" is used in the Bible, which tool would you most likely use? *
72. What does the bread (or crackers) in communion represent? *
73. Another name for Satan is: *
74. Which of the following phrases apply to the teaching about the rapture: *
75. How did Peter and John get out of jail? *
76. What is the name of the final battle where Christ and His armies fight all of the armies of the world? *
77. What is a martyr? *
78. _______ is being sorry for your sin, asking forgiveness, and turning from your sin. *
79. What ordinance pictures Christ's resurrection? *
80. What is the ordinance that pictures Christ's death? *
81. _______ means without error or mistake. *
82. Did Christ ever sin? *
83. What is the first of the 10 Commandments? *
84. "Day of the Lord" refers to a future time of God's judgment. *
85. ______ guide Christians in all truth. *
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