Counting Our Loaves and Fishes: Remembering and reflecting on our strengths.
This form is to provide a way for you to share your thoughts and stories from our guided, prayerful meditation. This form is for you. Fill it out however you feel prayerfully led by the Spirit.

Perhaps you are not a "churchy" person. That's OK! You can share old experiences of church or hopes for the future of the church, if you have them. If it is helpful to you, you could also substitute in other communities, like family, that might make this reflection more impactful for you.

Your responses will be complied to share and strengthen one another's journeys.

We are thankful to the Center For Parish Development ( in supplying us with resources during this time.
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Beginning the reflection.
Take a moment to find a place to relax. You may wish to light a candle ('let your light so shine before others that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven') or incense ('let my prayer rise before you as incense'). Other religious symbols may be useful in helping you to center yourself in this moment: a bowl of water (baptism), or some salt (you are the salt of the earth') for example.

Then, ask God to be with you as you reflect and pray - Ask the Spirit to guide your thoughts and imagination, so that this exercise might be of greater benefit than anything we could do on our own power.

Rest in God's loving presence and then begin.
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