Extended Day Session 2 Sign Up
Session 2 will run from October 28, 2019 - December 20, 2019.

Wingra School is closed, and Extended Day is NOT offered on October 21, and November 27-December 2.
Wingra School is also closed on October 22, and November 14-15. Extended Day WILL be in session on those dates.

Please select the dates, times, and activity you would like your child to attend in Extended Day at Wingra School for Session 2. Note that if you select the "club" choice, your child will be participating in that club every time it meets.
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Goals for your child during Extended Day
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Monday core program 2:00-4:45p $22/per day
Monday core extension 4:45-5:45p $7/per day
All Monday's (core program and extension 2:00-5:45p)
Tuesday core program 3:15-4:45p $12/per day
Tuesday core activity
Tuesday core extension 4:45-5:45p $7/per day
All Tuesday's (core program and extension 3:45-5:45p)
Wednesday core program 3:15-4:45p $12/per day
Wednesday core activity
Wednesday core extension 4:45-5:45p $7/ per day
All Wednesday's (core program and extension 3:45-5:45p)
Thursday core program 3:15-4:45p $12/per day
Thursday core activity
Thursday core extension 4:45-5:45p $7/per day
All Thursday's (core program and extension 3:45-5:45p)
Friday core program 3:15-4:45p $12/per day
Friday core activity
Friday core extension 4:45-5:45p $7/per day
All Friday's (core program and extension 3:45-5:45p)
Full day 8:30a-4:45pm $60/per day
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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