Performer Submission Form: "Grown Up Fairytales" Puppet Slam @ Puppet Showplace
Thank you for your interest in participating in the "Grown-Up Fairytales" Puppet Slam at Puppet Showplace Theatre! Our goal is to present an entertaining evening of original performances that showcase diverse styles of puppetry and theatre while riffing on the theme of fairytales.

The performance will be at 8:00 pm on Saturday September 21st, 2013 with tech taking place beforehand. Application forms are due by August 10; performers will be notified by August 15th.

Slam pieces should ideally be between 3 and 10 minutes in length; excerpts from larger programs will also be considered. Proposals for new work are encouraged, and Puppet Showplace will make every effort to support artists to realize their vision by making rehearsal space, materials, or other resources available.

All artists selected to perform will receive a travel stipend, dinner on the night of the performance, and one comp ticket to the slam.

If you have any questions, or would like to submit any additional supporting material, please email Artistic Director Roxanna Myhrum at Thank you!
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Please give us a brief (100 word or less) bio describing your past work.
Include information about your primary artistic discipline and your interest in/past connection to puppetry. NOTE: Previous puppetry experience is NOT a requirement to participate in this puppet slam.
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Have you ever performed at or participated in a PST puppet slam before?
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Please describe your proposed puppet slam piece. Include a summary of the story, its connection to the "grown up fairytales" theme, and a description of the production aesthetic and puppetry style. *
Example: My piece is provisionally titled "The Sorcerer's Apprentice." It is the story of a boy who does not want to do his chores or clean the bathroom. It satirizes the mythic/magical story of the Sorcerer's Apprentice by placing it in a mundane context. A boy falls asleep while cleaning the toilet and dreams that he is being attacked by modern commercial cleaning products. He is saved in the end by a giant "Mr. Clean." The piece will be set to the classical music score, excerpted to be under 7 min long. This will be a hand puppet piece performed on a puppet stage, with modified animated objects (spray bottles, wash rags etc) also acting as characters. The aesthetic style is cartoonish, and the puppetry is slapstick. The piece requires 2 puppeteers.
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Is this proposed slam piece...:
If your piece is still a work in progress, what is your provisional production plan? What assistance from Puppet Showplace might you need to complete your piece in time for the slam?
Answers may include anything ranging from rehearsal space, volunteer performers/puppeteers/musicians/builders, material elements such as a shadow screen or booth puppet stage, or consultation from master artists.
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