Fly Races Registration
Date: Sunday, 14th March 2021
Cost: Free to enter
Venue: Location of your choice

How to enter: Please provide your details and your selected race distance below. You may take part in more than one race should you wish! If you decide to change your race distance at a later date, please just resubmit another registration form. Entry lists will be published and updated periodically before the event. There is no cut-off date for registration and you may enter on the day.

On the day: There will be a link to a time submission form on our website and also in our Facebook group Races will officially start at 8am UK time, but you can run your race whenever you like on the day. Submit your race time by 4pm UK time to be included in the official results (or if you are doing the Ultra 50k, by 5pm). Results and a race report will be published on our website and in the Facebook group.

Race rules:
1) You must time yourself running a course of your choice, which is more or less the same amount of uphill as downhill (or flat).

2) The course must be exactly the distance you have selected, as measured by you or your watch.

3) Respect other people's space and follow social distancing guidelines. It is imperative that as runners we don't make others feel unsafe.

4) No evidence is required of your time. But feel free to post pics, Strava etc in the Facebook group on the day.

5) .. and finally, everybody runs at their own risk! Only run if you feel it is safe to do so.

If you have any questions please contact us via the website contact form at so that we can reply directly to you. Thanks for registering and good luck!

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Disclaimer & Privacy Notice
By submitting this form I acknowledge that the organisers of Fly 5k and Fly Races are not liable for any injuries, damage or other events that may occur during my run. I will take part in this event entirely at my own risk, and understand that Fly 5k and Fly Races act only as a platform to share my own personal activities. I have also read and acknowledge the Privacy Notice below.

Privacy Notice
The details you submit here will be used only for the purposes of the event itself. All information on this form, other than your member number, may be reproduced in event entry lists and results which will be posted to our public website and shared on our social media platforms. No other use is made of your personal information.
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