Membership Application: The Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust
This is a membership application form for the Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust. The Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust (PNLT) is a member-led organization. PNLT has 4 membership types:
1. Core (live or work on PNLT owned land)
2. Community Member (Anyone who lives and or works in Parkdale / Ward 14)
3. Organizational member (local organization)
4. Supporter (not a community members but endorse PNLT Purpose, Vision, Values). (Non voting member)

* At this point membership is free

All members have the right to participate in working committees, however only Core, Community, and Organizational members may vote at AGMs or run for a position on the Board of Directors (BOD).
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I confirm that i am 16 years of age old and endorse the Purpose, Vision, and Values of the Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust. *
Read the Purpose, Vision and Values here:
Get involved! Express interest in joining a working committee. (Optional)
Committee members must be willing to attend at least 1 meeting and undertake 5 hours of volunteer work a month.
What type of member are you?
All membership types are currently free.
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