West Coast - I Heart Indie Markets - Winter & Spring 2020
The first round of applications is now closed. Both events are at full capacity, however, if you would like to be added to our vendor waitlist you can fill out this application.

If a vendor cancels we attempt to pull a vendor from our waitlist within the same category of product. (ie: if a ceramics vendor cancels, we try to pull a ceramics/pottery vendor from our waitlist). Only vendors who have filled out this application can be on our waitlist.

Apply for one or both markets.

SANTA BARBARA - Haley Corridor Makers Market & Bar Hop
When: March 21, 2020 - Noon to 5PM
Where: Third Window Brewing, Potek Winery, Carr Winery and Jaffurs Winery
What: A makers market and bar crawl in one fun event! Join us in the Haley Corridor of Santa Barbara to shop 65 makers with a drink in hand!

SAN DIEGO - Miramar Makers Market & Bar Hop
When: March 28, 2020 - Noon to 5PM
Where: Guthrie Ciderworks, Saint Archer Brewing Co, 32 North Brewing Co, Duck Foot Brewing Co and AleSmith Brewing Co.
What: A makers market and bar crawl in one fun event! Join us in the Miramar neighborhood of San Diego to shop 70 vendors with a drink in hand!

Free shuttle service will be offered at both events to help move customers around!

Vendor selections are curated. The goal is to have a diverse offering of products with a solid mix of established and new-to-the-scene vendors. It's also a goal to keep from over saturating any one category.

Vendor selection is based on originality, product selection, and booth presentation is also a factor for established artists. If there is a debate on which vendor to include with similar products, we typically choose the vendor more local to the event, however makers from out of the region or state may apply and may be accepted as well!

All of our events include vendors who produce handmade and/or hand crafted items. Vintage and fair trade vendors are considered and may also apply. We do not accept MLM or direct sales vendors and ask that you do not apply.

At this point in time both shows are completely full. If you wish to be on our waitlist you can fill out this application. If a vendor cancels we go to our waitlist first when looking for a replacement for the events.

Complete the application below. There are two pages.

if your application was submitted correctly you will receive a receipt of this application to your email.

There is no fee to apply.

Once accepted into the show you will receive an invoice to the email on your application. Payment must be received within one week of your acceptance (Please see booth fee information at the end of the application).

If you are accepted...

SANTA BARBARA, CA - Haley Corridor Makers Market & Bar Hop
Booth fee is $125 for an 8ft x 5ft booth space.

SAN DIEGO - Miramar Makers Market & Bar Hop
Booth fee is $125 for an 8ft x 5ft booth space.


I Heart Indie Markets operates two main ethics in mind: Community Over Competition and Makers Supporting Makers. To us, they aren't just hashtags.

All of our events are all about community: cultivating community, loving the community we live in, and of course, building up the maker community.

Our events strive to connect local area businesses (primarily bars, breweries, distilleries, wineries, etc) with local makers and crafters, to bring the two together into one fun event - a unique makers market and bar crawl experience!

Learn more at www.iheartindiemarkets.com
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