Mbele Coding Apprentice
I have a brilliant idea that will make a good web/mobile application, it’s expensive or frustrating sometimes hiring developers; I want to put my destiny in my hands own hands. I didn’t study Computer Science in School but I want to learn how to code and switch career path.

If you are in these categories or your own scenario is not captured and you desire to learn how to code but don’t know how to get started with various technology options available today or you don’t have the discipline to see your learning through and create real projects Mbele Coding Apprentice is for you. You get direction entering into the technology space, resources, mentorship and many more... Enroll today and startup on a journey to learn the skills of the Future.

Enrollment Fee: N10,000
Account Number: 0073221866
Account Name: Mbele Limited
Bank: Union Bank

*Note: Mbele Coding Apprentice is 100% Online, this is to accommodate everyone from anywhere.
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