MotherWit Birth Essentials prenatal classes are for everyone, whether you are hoping to have an all natural birth, know that you want pain relief or are having a planned caesarean. We will provide you the information and resources to help guide you through all birthing scenarios in a fun hands-on class!

MotherWit Birth Essentials was developed by Lesley Everest a Doula with over 23 years of experience and is taught by the MotherWit team, having worked with thousands of Montreal parents at all Montreal hospitals and birthing centres.

We will cover topics such as:
-Understanding the changes in your body during pregnancy
-Diet and nutrition
-How the body gives birth
-Signs of labour
-What to bring to your place of birth
-What happens when you arrive at the hospital
-Coping and comfort measures (breathing, massage etc.)
-Relaxation techniques
-How your partner can support you
-The different stages of labour and delivery
-Newborn care
-Community resources available to you
and so, so much more!

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A non-refundable deposit of $50 will be required upon registration to secure your place in class. You can either submit this form electronically with an Interac Email Transfer to info@motherwit.ca , or you can print this out and mail it, along with a cheque to:

Lesley Everest
390 Ave. Clement
Dorval, QC
H9S 2T4

Montreal group classes are held at the MotherWit Doula Care Centre, 5726 Sherbrooke O, from 10am - 4:30pm on Saturdays

Cost of the class is $250/couple
The remainder of the fee, $200 (or $350 if private), is due on the first day of class. If you need to miss a class, you may make it up at another session.

VBAC Prep Classes are held at the MotherWit Doula Care Centre, 5726 Sherbrooke O, suite 214 or at your home. Class is 2-3 hrs in length.
Cost is $150

Private classes are also available in your home or at our office in NDG Cost is $400/couple.

For more information, please call 514-237-0737 or
email info@MotherWit.ca

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