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HiRE 2.o
So here we are with the most awaited event of Ecell! HiRE 2.o!
Another National Level E-Cell competition.
Being an HR manager is tough with lots of hurdles on your way, but having the ability to face those challenges will make you tougher and bolder. So here at HiRE 2.o, we are giving you the platform to learn and get an experience of the life of any HR manager. So come up and make the best of what you can!

Round one of HiRE 2.o is completed and it was more than just successful. HR managers have been selected after a healthy competition between the immense number of responses.

The Game is not over yet. Or should we say, it has just started. A company is not complete without employees. So this is your chance now to prove that you are the best.
Don't miss out!

Yes! You read that right. We ARE hiring.
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