First Lutheran Time and Talent Survey
Please share your Time and Talent with First Lutheran Church!

Because many hands make light work and because we are a congregation actively serving our members and greater community, we are asking each member, as disciples of First Lutheran Church, to complete a Time and Talent survey. We are seeking age groups confirmation through adult.

The following survey will help you to find the areas you are able to share with First Lutheran Church. You can volunteer in as many areas you are interested in. This information will be used in the church committees to help grow and strengthen our church. If you have not been contacted by a committee member about your interest by April 1, please let us know and we will find out more information for you.

We would like to get 100 responses back by March 9th. We have the link on the church website, as well as paper copies in the back of the church. Please contact Sara Blake ( or 319-240-6535) if you have questions about the survey or need help filling it out. Each member of your family (confirmation through adults) needs to fill out their own copy of the survey.
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Lay Ministry
These are all lay ministry opportunities which are needed to make each church service run smoothly. There is a weekly sign up sent out through email as well as at the back of the sanctuary on the bulletin boards. Please take time to consider helping with each of the areas. Each weekend it takes 30 people to make the services run smoothly. Please strongly consider helping out. If you are unsure of the duties, please let us know and we will be happy to teach. Please check all you are interested in.
Leadership Roles
The leadership of our congregation is vital for our everyday mission! If you have gifts of leadership, God might be calling you to serve in such a way! Please check all you are interested in.
Christian Education
This committee helps with the Christian Education program 3 years of age through adulthood. These individuals have a passion for the future of the church and the making of disciples, enjoy teaching, and are good communicators. Please check all you are interested in.
Youth Ministries Team
This team is open to adults willing to assist the youth ministry groups and their respective trips and activities. Only be involved with this group if you love kids and love to have FUN! Please check all you are interested in.
Other Ministry Teams
God is up to great things at First Lutheran! Please consider all of the ministries we have to offer and find a way to serve God! Please check all you are interested in.
This committee will help with spreading the message and teachings of Jesus Christ. There will be opportunities to create events within the church and community to help spread the word. Please check all you are interested in.
Social Ministry
In this committee you have the opportunity to extend the helpfulness to all persons in need of the love of Christ. It will seek to promote the area food pantry and world hungry relief. Projects may include, The Touch of Christmas Love or Souper Bowl Cook Off, among many others. Please check all you are interested in.
Stewardship Committee
This committee will help to plan for the financial needs of the congregation along with the organization or our Time, Talents, and Treasures. Please check all you are interested in.
Property Committee
This committee will see to the proper maintenance of First Lutheran Church. It will do seasonal inspections, keep an up-to-date inventory of the property, and keep the building and equipment in good repair. Please check all you are interested in.
Worship and Music
In this area you can be responsible to decorating the church for special occasions. This is also an area you will be able to show your musical talents during a church service. Please check all you are interested in.
Office Volunteer
From time to time we are in need of extra help in the office. Our administrative staff can help to put your volunteer skill to work in our office to help make our daily operations run smoothly. Please check all you are interested in.
This is a list of other opportunities we have within the church. Please check all you are interested in.
Additional Information
Please tell us if you have any questions about the opportunities we have within Firth Lutheran Church. This is also an area you can tell us more about your talents we may not have covered.
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